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Website Annual Maintenance Contract - Dedicated Web Designer

1-Essential Website Contract

*Dynamic website customers will have to renew their websites at Rs. 12,000 ($120) per year and we will maintain the availability of your website.

1-We will fix if any features failed to work for any reason.
2-Website admin security issues are fixed and new files are applied.
3-Only email support is provided if customer wants to know anything related to website functionality.
4-Website backup service is not included in this contract but can be purchased separately $30 per year.
5-Every visit is charged separately.

2-Website Contents Support Contract

*We charge Rs. 60,000 ($600) per year for website contents support.

1-Essential Website Contract features included.
1- Addition of contents within the developed website (maximum 24 requests in a year)

3-Dedicated Web Designer

*We charge Rs. 60,000 ($600) per web designer per month.

1-Essential Website Contract features included.
2- You decide the working hours as per your time zone and the designer will work as your employee on remote location and will follow your instruction to work and there is no limit of work.
3-Our professionals are available on whatsApp, Skype or any other application you decide for communication. We are committed to work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

We do charge every visit separately.

In Pakistan we charge Rs. 2000 per visit within the city and Rs. 5000 out of the city per day + TA.

Outside of Pakistan we charge $35/hour + TA.

*Travelling Allowance is provided by the customers in addition to above prices. It refers to the amount paid to the visiting professional for the travelling and other expenses includes the price of travel tickets, hotel bill and meal expenses, etc.

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