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We are considered a reliable website design, web development, web hosting, software solutions, events management and business related services company in the world.

Why choose us for below services?

1- We are in the industry since 2005.

2- Worldwide professionals network to meet.

3- Services at reasonable price.

4- Satisfied customers worldwide.

Website, Software, Events & Business Services
Below are the list of all services offered by Latestsol. You can choose us for any below services with confidence because we love to work and customer's success is our aim.

Domain Names

Are you planning to present your business online and don't know where to start? The first thing to do is domain name registration. We aim to provide the best possible prices for domain registration to let you stay with us for more domains. We deal in almost all available domain extensions and offer free email forwarding, URL forwarding, domain lock/unlock and ownership transfer for almost all domain extensions. It is simple decide a name for your website and search exact mach in classic and new 100's of domain extensions.

Web Hosting

After you have registered a domain name for your company, you need to buy online space to host your website. We are reliable and competitive web hosting company and serving international customers since 2005. Being in industry for more than 12 years we know how to provide stable shared and dedicated web hosting services to our valued customers. We have fair policy to share system resources among shared web hosting customers. Our shared web hosting plans start from less than US $ 1 per month.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for enabling data encryption and used to protect the communication between user (client browser) and the company (server). Encryption is a process of coding and decoding user's information. The number of bits (16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, 128-bit, 256-bit) tells you the size of the key. We are selling SSL certificates for domain, organization and extended validation. Our SSL certificates start from less than 1 US$ per month. Search engines now prefer https instead of http which is not secure.

Website Solutions

You are not physically presenting your company to online visitors. Having a good website ensures that you will have good conversions. Selection of a reliable website design agency is not easy. You should have to consider portfolio, testimonials, age of the company and sometime local availability before to choose a website design company. We believe in competitive price on cheap price (cheap price always gets you cheap results). You can hire our professionals on hourly or monthly price to let them work with you in your style.

Software Solutions

First of all you will have to choose either customised or readymade software solution and it will all depend on your budget. We deal in all steps from analysis to implementation and maintenance at competitive price. Our all software solutions are supported at fixed price by our professionals. We have ready solutions for POS, CRM, ERP, Accounts and HR. We train your staff to use the software to achieve maximum benefits. We provide both desktop and web based software solutions as per the customer's requirements.

IT Professionals

Are you paying high salary to IT professional working at your office? We can help you to reduce the cost up to 70%. Hire professionals working in our office and use them in your style and in your time zone. You just need to pay monthly price and all rest will be managed by us to provide you smooth services. We can provide data entry operators, support staff, designers and web developers for all famous platforms e.g. wordpress, Durpal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, os Commerce, Zen Cart, Presta Shop, Zend etc.

Graphics & Printing

We love to design that's why you will get creative, effective and original art work for your valued brand. Our fantastic art work will let your customers to think and action. Being in the Industry for more than 12 years we know what your customers want to see. We have worked for almost all the known industries and we believe that our designs convey the message. We do research to know what will work best for your valued brand before to proceed ahead. After the design phase you can also choose us for printing services.

Network & Hardware

Whatever the environment computer networking is always beneficial for every business. Companies providing services to global world operate from more than one locations (offshore and onshore) and there is a need of proper network LAN/WAN to share data cost-effectively and efficiently to achieve maximum results. We will certainly focus on securing your valued data and elaborate your reach to ensure the organization growth. We can also help you to buy networking hardware at competitive price with warranties and support.

Mobile Application

An application typically developed to be used on wireless devices, such as smart phones and tablets is called mobile application. Recent Trends proved that mobile users prefer to use mobile apps instead of mobile website for many reasons mainly to achieve the desired information quickly and accurately. We are here to convert your experience, business and dream in a mobile app, our friendly and appealing UI design matching to your idea will certainly ensure the success. We are passionate and love to develop.

Game Development

Games which are developed for feature phone, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, PDA, portable media player or graphing calculator are called mobile games. It can be a simple like snake on older Nokia phones or advanced and sophisticated 3D and augmented reality games. We are developing advanced and sophisticated 2D, 3D and 2.5D games in Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X, Starling, Unity, PhoneGap and HTML5 for Apple, Android and Facebook. Do you want to convert your idea into a game? We are here to help you.

IT Courses & Training

Latestsol offers Professional training courses to IT professional in Pakistan to train them for well known website development platforms, web & graphic designing, networking and online marketing. Highly qualified IT professionals teach to IT professionals at advance level to create an environment where they can discuss issues and learn at next level. We aim to train professionals the way to enable them to work independently in professional environment like software houses or as a freelancer after completing the courses.

Solar Energy

The energy we get from sun in the form of radiant light and heat is called solar energy. Photovoltaic (PV) cells also called solar cells (made primarily of silicon) convert sunlight directly into electricity. As soon as sunlight hits a cell the electrons flow through the material leaving their atoms, resulting DC (direct current) electricity which is sent to inverter for conversion to AC (alternating current) electricity. We provide specialized solar solutions to local government and industry by highly experienced and professional team.

Brand Promotion

The major aim of brand promotion is to stimulate demand for a product. We push your brand in the reach of local and international audience by using professional brand promotion techniques. We use all possible offline and online platforms to enhance visibility and engage audience to recognize your brand. We have helped many companies to achieve their goals and we have specialized teams for every techniques. We believe in cost effective and result oriented solutions because it's all about your business growth.


Fulfillment service is all about hiring third party to fulfill your orders in full or for few processes which you cannot handle yourself e.g. storage, packing and shipping. Being in the industry for more than 12 years we can fulfill your orders in full. At this time our fulfillment service is limited to only large scale business to business (B2B) orders. We have professional teams for all the processes involved. We aim you to focus in your business and let us fulfill the rest smoothly and accurately in timely manners.


Buying goods and services that ensure an organization operation is known as procurement service and it is the process of searching products from local and international markets, agreeing terms and acquiring products as per the agreement signed. We offer purchase planning, standards determination, specification development, supplier research and selection, value analysis, financing, price negotiation, supply contract administration and other related functions. We ensure the best possible price.

Events Management

The events industry is growing rapidly and an event can be of any sizes from the big exhibition down to a family breakfast get together. Our events professionals have aesthetic sense to deliver the best for your any events such as weddings, formal parties, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions. We take every customer independently to accommodate all the individual desires to deliver the results matching to the customer's demand. Our professionals will never let you down and your guests will really admire and enjoy the event.

Business Supply

The raw materials and products used for business operations and production are delivered at flexible payment terms to let you focus on your business success. Do you have cash flow issue and want to increase your production without involving interest based money in your business? We are here to help you! We can supply everything for your business operations at the payment terms you decide. Our prices will stay competitive as per the market so you don’t pay extra to buy products at your own terms. Our team never compromise on the quality of the products and raw material we buy for you.

General Trading

We are trading in different kinds of products which are sold for consumers, business or government purposes in Pakistan. All trading companies are involved in buying a particular range of products, maintain their stock and then deliver to customers. We are involved in products import but don’t import all the products we trade. Do you want to import any particular products in Pakistan from any part of the world, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will certainly help you to import the products at best possible prices so you can trade with confidence in the local market.

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